Starting pack flavours

Hello, where is the starting pack offer with all kinds of different flavours (vegetables, fruits, chocolate, coffee…) I found on my mobile yesterday ? Now it seems to be only vanilla and a great amount of money to start. :thinking::open_mouth:

The UK branch of Huel has a flavor pack sample set for GBP 5.00. But that’s not the actual Huel - just flavor additives - and it’s not available in the North American market.

Which is sad, because some of those European flavor boosters look awesome, and I want to try them.

ETA: Was this what you were looking for? Note it’s on the UK version of the site.

Which means that there is only the vanilla flavor to order ?

Vanilla and Unflavored/Unsweetened in the US. There’s also flavorings you can add, but there’s not a sample pack yet.