Order issues first order

I just received my order and it’s missing quite a bit of stuff from my order. I searched everywhere for a customer service number and didn’t find one. So I tried emailing and didn’t get a response. Any one here that can help ?? Thanks

Hi @Bullbrand

I see that you have email less than an hour ago. You should see a reply now. Keep in mind emails are answered by chronological order.


I just sent a follow up email and figured I would send here as well. So… I received a package today… I was excited. Then I opened it and the 8 shakers I was shorted on my original order were in the box. The bag of chocolate I was shorted was not in the box. So I looked for a packing slip and found one. It stated 8 shaker bottles and 1 regular chocolate but there’s only shaker bottles. Seriously I’m just kind of frustrated I paid 185 for this stuff it’s great and it works but am I going to be missing a part of every one of my orders?? And then have to wait the extra 2 weeks every time to get it resolved ??? Please get back to me ASAP. I don’t want to be an angry customer and bash anything I really like the stuff and it’s working great so far I even waited to fill out the survey until after we get this resolved just because I’m human and know for sure that mistakes happen. But this is getting to be a little ridiculous. I have never asked for anything for free just the products I have already paid for. And it seems like it’s still a problem. As I said before please get back to me ASAP. Thanks.

Brandon Bullock

Original order number 284277