(Ongoing) Only HUEL for 60 Days Straight

Hey everyone,

I’ve started the HUEL Experiment for 60 days - nothing else but HUEL as food/calories(and 30cal/serv unsweetened almond milk, water is horrible). If anyone is interested in the experience I will be posting a video explaining the experience at the end of the 60 days along with updating here every 30days from the start date.

I’ve completed blood work before starting, which contains Glucose, Urea, Crea, Na+, K+, Cl-, ECO2, Ca, TP, ALB, ALKP, AST, ALT, TBIL, DBIL, CHOL, HDL, TRIG, Fe, dTIBC, %SAT, URIC, MG, AMYL, LIPA, NBIL, BU, BC, GGT, LDH, CK, PHOS, TSH, TT4, T3U, B-hCG, PSA, and a full CBC with differential, and will complete another full test after 30days, and then another 30days afterward.
I’ve began a diary of how I feel, time of when I consume, total cal/serving and if I do or do not work out that day, along with any other information of possible interest. I’ll update here at the 30day mark(along with initial bloodwork+new bloodwork), and the 60day mark.

If you would like me to add any type of information let me know here, anything at all that might be of interest or any suggestions.

Current information provided:
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 230
Goal Weight: 200
Final Goal Weight: 180 (Not attempting to do in 60days)
Bloodwork every 30days

Huel Preparations: Unsweetend Almond Milk(30cal servings) 25Ounches, two Scoop Huel Black Edition Chocolate, one 1tbsp of Huel flavoring – Approximately 500 Calories per Meal

16, May, 2020 – Day 0 –
The Night Before The Journey – I ordered Dominos, and had Pizza, Pasta Bread Bowl, Rootbeer, and a large RedBull. The excuse of getting it out of my system before consuming only HUEL, I love pizza. Prior to starting I was ordering pizza at LEAST twice a week, going out to eat, and eating anything and everything. Diet attempts failed when carvings for pizza came in, which felt like every day.

Thanks for reading!


cool bruv

i dont expect any problems will arise.

i dont mind saying it again; ive been on huel powder shakes straight 5-7 a day for 13 months. with fruit and nuts mainly, and veg n seeds- on average every other day. i take supplements too extra b vitamins, iron, msm etc etc etc…

no problem at all.

I eat mostly huel. Sometimes even though I get enough nutrients, since my stomach doesn’t fill up to what my body’s typically used to (as Huel is more nutrient dense and thus takes up less space), my brain keeps saying I’m hungry when I’m not. Sometimes I just want fresh food.

So I’m thinking about just eating carrots with it (as it’s cheap and filling with little nutrients outside of beta-carotene, which is fine).

What are your symptoms if you have a “cheat day” or meal, such as an excess amount of calories in one sitting (Fast food, carb load), if you’ve done it?

I have one cheat day a week. I think my body has gotten so used to eating clean that when I go back to my old ways for 24 hrs I start getting cramps. This isn’t always the norm, but I also don’t want to fully deprive myself of foods I love. I’m also maniacal about counting my macros/micros so it’s nice to take a break, even if it’s only for one day a week.

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ive only had vegan meals v rarely, so had no cheat days.

i see food consumption differently now.