No Scoop? No Problem!

Hi Huelers,

We want to thank everybody who has helped make our launch in the U.S. a success, and the feedback and conversation here is so valuable for our continued commitment to quality.

We have had a few questions for people in the event that their first order arrived without a scoop (which we have addressed), or simply asking if they lose their scoop how to measure Huel.

Here are a few simple ways to prepare your Huel, but as always you can take these guidelines to find out what works best for you.

Your Huel scoop measures 1/4 of Huel powder, which is 1/4 of a full serving (1 cup). A full serving (1 cup) of Huel contains 500 calories when mixed with 500ml water.

From that ratio, you can use more or less water to adjust the thickness of your Huel, or you can simply adjust the number of scoops and amount of water based on the number of calories you want in a meal.

For example, a 250 calorie Huel would simply be 2 scoops or 1/2 cup, mixed with approximately 250ml of water.

As our community grows and this Forum expands, you’ll be able to learn about all of the many ways people like you enjoy Huel every day around the world, but we hope this guide answers those basic questions to start.