New and loving it

it’s been a couple of weeks and it feels pretty good. I’ve had a totally lazy and junky diet all my life so it’s has made a rather immediate difference to my weight loss and energy level. Plus now I feel like the caliories i eat that are not Huel can be anything they want, so now I only eat bacon. It’s the diet I always dreamed of as a little girl, substance and bacon, a lazy gluttons dream. And I don’t know how anyone couldn’t like the taste, the vanilla and a bit of agava is like drinking candy. Losing weight on a candy and bacon diet, I have trouble believing it’s true.


Been a couple weeks for me as well! I just ordered the flavor boosters! Is it me or what? I actually crave Huel between my last drink and my next drink! I got the vanilla, so i am going to stick with that!!! I am too busy to cook most days for lunch so i have been having it for lunch… You mentioned bacon, might as well throw the bacon right in the drink! Bacon dipping sticks!


Welcome to the Huel life, @pageplusdeals and @Jennifer! Happy Hueling! Let us know if you have any questions along your journey. :+1: