Missing half my order on my first purchase

My order arrived. I bought 2 bags of huel black. One vanilla, one chocolate. Only received the chocolate. Can someone help me with this? Cant find customer service number. My order number is

Oh no! Not a good start. I do see that one of our CE team members was able to email you back and got everything sorted for you. Although if there is anything else you need, please do not hesitate to email us back at any time!

Hey Jrus3619,

Don’t worry, it will happen again and again. Huel shipping is terrible! It just happened to me too. I have been waiting 13 days for my order to arrive, and when it finally did arrive it was missing a bag of Huel. So I only got 80% of what I ordered. I’m sure it will take another 13 days to get the other bag they owe me.

Here’s my thread on the topic if you haven’t seen it yet:
I’m so sick of Huel’s poor shipping!

Buckle up my friend, it doesn’t get any better from here, am I right @Domenique_Huel?

I have got in touch with this customer and assisted on the tracking issue. It has been cleared up and the order is expected to be delivered by tomorrow.