Mindset of a Champion

All of a sudden, I am on Huel, loving it and talking about it. From one day to the next, an overnight mindset chosen to WIN!!
In an overnight expectation to go gung-ho on medical plans and the public vieing for lowest cost with the highest benefit return, doctors are now getting 10% return on their services rendered and woking longer hours than they ever imagined, to get everyone an MRI, CatScan, knee replacement, rotary cup replacement, spinal discs fused, in addition to an array of addictive prescriptions to maintain painfree post-op patients.
When I was young, there was one medicine commercial, Bayer aspirin. ( yeah, I am old and healthy).
A multitude of ilnesses abound nowadays along with the methods and medicines to combat them. Is this why the public looks for the easy way out on health issues? Is this the mindset of a champion of good health? Why did we all get sick in the first place?
You are what you eat. You are what you eat. You are what you eat. (Iteration is the most effective reminder). Eating fresh foods raw or as close to raw will feed my body and keep it alive and well.
Drinking Huel will be a great convenience to me, especially at work. But I need to drink it well diluted. The vegan prep time is tiresome. So doing it less is good for me. But I need those live enzymes from raw recipes because I am a living system.
My mindset is to win: to have the correct blood metrics, to stave off serious diseases, and weight issues, and to operate efficiently and happily to my last breath. It’s a Champion “focus,” simple and repetitious.
I firmly believe that Huel, raw foods, exercise and great emotional resilience can accomplish this for me with minimal cost, effort, and yet with the highest benefit return possible. Let the race begin. May this journey be a strength and joy to my heart.

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