Macro/Micro Absorption Due to Clumping

Is macronutrient or micronutrient absorption affected by how much the powder clumps? Like does the mixture have to be super smooth to get full absorption or is it the same even if there are small clumps/gritty bits.

Our GI track is pretty good at digesting and absorbing nutrients from any solid food, be it a bowl of oatmeal or the unintentional clumps of an oat-based powder in water complete meal substitute.

Hey, Huel: why are there so many posts here about 3.0 clumps? Is there a problem with these new bags or did the prototype 3.0 also show clumping after using a shaker? See, I always blend my Huel so I don’t have issues with clumps. But since Huel is promoted as the default method being add Huel to water and shake, the new Huel 3.0 should be at least as easy to shake into suspension as 1.1, or perhaps even easier to get into solution.

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Absorption won’t be affected much, if at all, by the clumps.

We never had any clumps when making v3.0, it was always super smooth. We are looking into this but it appears feedback is mixed with people saying it is better and worse than v1.1.

I can only assume that 3.0’s tapioca starch has a finer particle size than what it replaced, or the powder in general is finer and therefore more prone to clumping. I guess that’s the trade-off of trying to get the texture of the drink to have a more smooth consistency.

I switch back and forth between 1.1/2.3 Original flavor and 3.0 Vanilla and all things equal in a shaker bottle, 3.0 does result in more clumps. I guess if it bothered me enough I’d blend it or otherwise experiment with preparation to resolve the issue.

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That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought about that! It is disheartening to hear all the feedback about the new batches clumping as I am about to finish up my last bags of older editions. The shaker is what I use because of the convenience aspect of the brand. Right now I am unable to do any blending so clumpy Huel and the loss of tasty nutrition is not something to look forward to.