Long sleeve tees

I live in the high desert and baggy long sleeve tees would be nice to have.
I like the product, cut my snacking and seem to feel like I’ve more energy.
Something I’m doing instead of meal replacement. Mix a double batch with a can of plain old mixed fruit and top it all with tea to make a triple batch, let set in fridge.
Good for a couple days (never lasts that long :wink:) and it’s both a hydrate and snack.


I’ll have to give your recipe a go! Sounds super tasty😋 Also, we’re always looking to provide our Huelers with the best quality product and merchandise so we’ll surely take your long sleeve shirt suggestion into consideration🙂 If you ever need anything else, don’t hesitate to reach back out!

I really like the idea of long-sleeved tees. I’ve enjoyed the short sleeved shirt I have thus far, but like @almendoza I live in a desert & find myself needing a bit more than short sleeves due to the conditions here. Both for heat and cold.

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