Let's Talk Poop!

So… I have been Hueling for about 4 months and I love it! I have lost 45+ pounds!

However… I have adjusted the number of scoops in each shake from 3 scoops to 2 because on 3 scoops per I was having bleeding from difficult bowel movements. Like, blood-filled toilet bowl with each dump. I was alarmed, as you can imagine. When I went from 3 scoops to 2, I no longer had bleeding and movements are no longer painful.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know this is a rather un-ladylike topic but what goes in, must come out so I’m curious if anyone else has feedback on this?

Hey Noelle! Congrats on the weight loss and thank you for being a loyal Hueler! I’m sorry to hear about your :poop: experience. While Huel is higher in fiber than most foods we typically eat and this can increase bathroom frequency for some, blood in stool is not a known reaction to Huel and can stem from a number of factors, so we advise you to bring this up with your doctor in case of any underlying health conditions.

It stopped as soon as I decreased from 3 scoops to 2 so I’m not concerned about it anymore. If it happens again I will absolutely speak with my doctor about it.