Late shipping getting old


So it’s same day shipping unless I order an amount needed for two people that isn’t even the highest amount that you guys offer to your customers? And flavor boosts that are in stock? Then it takes two weeks to ship?? That is outrageous. The site does not say “same day shipping on most orders”. Nothing has changed since I started ordering back in September. Just different explanations. You shouldn’t have to wonder when you are going to get $230 order! While everyone else’s is on the way.


I feel like your method of shipping orders is not helping… I think you would have happier customers if you just shipped orders in the order that they were placed instead of what orders are easier…


Completely agree. This is the most frustrating purchase I’ve ever made and it’s really a shame.


I’m planning on a subscription once I get paid, will there be shipping delays for subscriptions? Trying to plan ahead, thanks


Same here. Would love to be on Huel only, but ive had to use other products as i wait. Now thinking its better to have other options in play, as delivery is spotty.


Hi Chris, I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. I can assure you that this is not the experience we want for our customers and we are taking measures even further beyond what we did back in September to enhance the ordering and shipping process for our Huelers. I do see you received your package today after 7 business days, which is beyond the 3-5 business days listed on our site. We want to make this up to you and I will email you to discuss further. If there are any issues with your order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team who are readily available at


Keep in mind that Huel does have a shelf life of 12 months, so regardless of any delays or not, it might be a good idea to have some extra on hand, especially since we offer a volume discount, so you can save more per meal that way.


Hes there will be shipping delays. My 2/20 subscription-with a “your order will be shipping to you” email on 2/17, is still unfulfilled.
I am out and am using a product that I found on amazon prime called “Enu”.
So bummed. I physically can’t eat. (due to medical ) Ensure and other commercial crap that doctors prescribe just doesn’t cut it.
Product is great-distribution sucks.
Huel should go on “Shark Tank” to get funding for effective distribution or hire a Supply Chain Manager to resolve.


My subscription is for plain Vanilla and still has not shipped after a week, I doubt they are telling us the truth here.


Ordered Feb 20th and still no news - reached out to the huel team Feb 23rd and Sothan answered “Due to overwhelming demand for Huel over the past several days in the U.S., we are currently experiencing longer than normal processing times. We expect your order to ship within the next 2-3 business days. We will update you when it is on the way.”

I did order the gluten free variety … perhaps should order the regular?

Lets hope they ship in today or tomorrow, given it has now been business days …

Perhaps they underestimated, severely, the quantity they need to meet demand.

Great product and I do love the taste - unflavored, gluten free.

Hope to get my order soon (#57121 if the huel team is reading this)!!


Yes. I have a subscription and it is a nightmare, my first run was delayed and I was charged twice. Second run (4weeks later) I have yet to receive my order and I was charged over a week ago. Don’t susbscribe just yet. Friends who ordered for the first time got their order in 4 days, I am here waiting with no response from Huel.

Terrible First Impression

Hi @Daniel_Sanchez_Sordo,

My name is Sothan. I believed I answered your email to the best of my knowledge a couple of days ago but if there are any unresolved issues regarding our orders please email me directly at

Kind regards,



Agreed, I see they also like the trick where they send you an email that your package shipped, when all they have really done is create a shipping label that won’t actually arrive at fedex for a few more days. I don’t mind waiting, I’ll order early, but it sounds like they are too inconsistent to really plan ahead. I didn’t do it this time because I wanted to try flavor packs, but the vanilla flavor bags are also available on Amazon and I may go that route with prime shipping to avoid this in future.



Huel needs to look into hiring additional staff and correct the wording on the website. The lack of communication is being mentioned up and down these forums.


I think someone suggested this before, but it’s worth re-stating:

A lot of these issues will be cleared up if Huel fulfillment team stops showing a tracking number on merely generating a label. Only notify customers of tracking number once the package is at the pickup facility and starting it’s journey.


I have gotten around ordering from them and getting mine from It’s faster, especially if you have prime shipping. They don’t carry the flavor packs last time I checked, but if you are just ordering your vanilla powder it arrives a lot faster.


Agreed. Not that much of a discount ordering 8 bags like I’ve done in the past. Order 2 bags at a time off Amazon and get it in a day or two works for me.


I hope this didn’t happen to me
I placed an order today that shows shipping label created as of 200pm est
Looking forward to the subscription


Expect the package to actually be delivered to FedEx by the 26 or 27th. It usually takes a day or two after the shipping label is created till the box is actually at their local FedEx facility. Then, it’s another 2 to 3 days of shipping till it arrives at your house. Just check the link to the actual tracking.

In short, a generated label does not mean it has shipped out. It just means a label printed.


Yes looks like tomorrow I be in Huel Heaven lol
It only took one day and customer service has been outstanding