Just being friends

…that’s me n ma new PB Huel, having breakfast together like old college dorm mates.
Flavor is like a powdered peanut protein. Not overpowering, mixes well with other flavors of Huel.

Breakfast was choco-nut (50/50). Soy milk base, thick, delicious shake. Lunch was van-utter (50/50). Stomach was slightly upset after this one, briefly. Tasted much sweeter than breakfast. Seems the vanilla Huel enhances the peanut butter profile. Haven’t tried my own additions yet.

Tried raspberry white chocolate and cafe latte meal bars. Raspberry tasted like wheat germ that was starting to turn, earthy. Left a sharp metallic taste in the mouth. Slight hint of white chocolate. Second bar was much better, tasting raspberry and white chocolate, sweeter.
Cafe latte bar was good from 1st. Subtle coffee and milk flavor. Almost a hint of something else there…like cinnamon and vanilla. Good stuff.

UPDATE: coffee bar is called Coffee Caramel, hence the vanilla undertones. Raspberry bar aten with lunch gave me pretty bad heartburn. Flavor was absent again. Tasted much more like the 1st one, earthy with mild white chocolate flavor. Not a fan o the raz.
Peanut butter shake made w/filtered water. Added sea salt and caramel flavor booster for grins…strongly overpowered pb flavor. Next one straight PB.

Excited to try new shake flavors next month. Will update that experience here.



new flavors, impressions, thoughts:

Salted Caramel - very little salt flavor, caramel is super sweet. Stand alone shake made with water. Cut with 2 ounces of og V8 hits the spot. Mixed w/chocolate Huel in breakfast shake was no bueno. Overpowering taste, mixed w/fruit and soy tasted slightly burnt. Stand-alone approved. Does not play well with others.
EDIT Salted Caramel must have settled some in transport. All shakes after initial run have tasted much truer to name. This mornings shake was 2 scoops Salted Caramel, 1 scoop Cafe Latte, banana, blueberries, 2 oz orange-mango juice, 2 oz V8, 2 cups almond-banana milk, 1 brown egg. Hit the spot…after 2 1/2 hr hike w/dogness.

Banana - fresh fruit flavor. Refreshing shake made w/water. Mixed w/chocolate Huel, made w/vanilla soy, drinks like a banana fudge pop. Banana Huel alone in morning shake intensifies fruit flavors.

Cafe Latte - tastes like a Thai coffee, made w/water. Light, fluffy texture. 50/50 w/chocolate Huel doesn’t taste all that different than a mocha coffee from (your go-to coffee hut). Right amount of sweet, flavors blend well.

A smoothy made of chocolate and banana Huel, blueberries, strawberries, a brown egg, a banana, 3/4 cup vanilla soy, 1/4 cup orange-mango juice, 2 oz V8 for breakfast had me full until early afternoon. Dense; flavorful but not overpowering. Energizing. Pick-me up shake.

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Soy is said to contribute to lowering testosterone levels. Consume with that in mind folks.

This video explains how/why certain foods are not testosterone friendly. At about 8:30 is the part on soy.

Anything taken in excess ‘can’ be harmful to your health. He uses these types of disclaimers several times; ‘potentially’, ‘can’, ‘might be’. The information is valid, not proven. Just for the know.
Too much caffeine can cause ulcers.
Too much alcohol might kill you.
Too much food will potentially lead to diabetes.
He clearly states that the study he’s referring to doesn’t include verified human testing. I would guess that soy isn’t any more or less harmful to our bodies than milk from any other source. I prefer the flavor and texture of soy, so it’s included as a suggestion in my recipes.
Too much Huel can probably make you spontaneously combust.