I’m out until the next version ✌🏻

I know it sounds like Huel is one voice and mind i.e. me because that’s all you are having contact with on this forum. However, there are people at Huel with 20+ years experience in product development, technical, quality etc.

I’m using the water as an example, that’s all. Don’t worry we regularly test as part of our quality procedures and you can find some of our tests including heavy metals here. We also request and test sample from customers when required.

There’s not much else I can say here. If my tone and way of explanation rub you up the wrong way, I apologize. On a lighter note, if you feel you have excellent knowledge of a product category that has existed since 2013 and you can do a better job than the Huel team you can apply for a job through our careers page.


Appreciate the childish jab there at the end @Dan_Huel — I’m quite content with solving larger problems with my time. That, and I haven’t been an employee for over two decades—not exactly looking to go backwards these days. Alas, with all of that experience, it should make it easy for you all to figure out this very simple solubility problem you’re having, which would easily result in very simple answers—of which you have none, to date. Plenty of dancing around and backtracking on statements—nothing is concrete with you…everything is “just an example”. Looking forward to an actual answer one day.

Nutritional advice is wonderful. Tin hat conspiracy theories…not so much.

Dan, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you and the @huel team for all the hard work I know you all do. I want Huel to be the best it can be, and I’m sure all of you all are working towards that. The comments and attitudes on the forum can be a drag sometime, so thank you for hanging in there, and good work.


Appreciate the feedback about any posts regarding medical advice or anything I’ve learned from my readings on diet and human health. My hope is that anything I’ve learned about those subjects can point people in the right direction for answers to their questions. Maybe save someone some time.

The responses to me in this thread from some people don’t bother me. I expected some of it. Perhaps my mole theory or “Soylent infiltration” theory is not correct. But it should be kept as a possible explanation. There are multiple possible explanations for this situation.


Thanks Mike, your feedback means a lot! Comments may seem like a drag but it’s great that we can capture a full range of peoples’ views.

Well i use my own shaker ball and i can tell you my Huel 3.0 is like tapioca pudding. yes, i’ve said that before. In the real world of things… eh, i don’t care all that much. But, i hate v3.0 and will only buy 1.1 until it is gone and hope that the next iteration is better. My grievance is to stop saying “we don’t have any clumping issues” when in-fact I do have them and never had them with 1.1

Not a bot, not a new user, don’t care what you believe :slight_smile:

I’ve been using huel for 6 months. When the new v3 came out the stuff started clumping. I am not an employee of any competition. Never clumped up for the last version

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LOL…brand new account just to say that. Mensa candidate over here.

Sorry you had to see that comment I’ve deleted it. You’re allowed to express your opinion here and others can disagree but name-calling gets us nowhere.


Success - No Clumping (or minimal) FINALLY!

So, 3.0 clumping is a real issue. However, i forgot to put my ice in because i had two cold bottles of water (16.9 oz ea) and just grabbed them and went back to my desk. I did the usual, put 17 (16.9) oz of water, 2 scoops of 3.0, shaker ball and the screen but forgot the ice. Shook it and Voila!!!

I think the issue is the ice floating on the top of the water and the 3.0 sitting on it getting wet but not being able to fall down into the water or the ice makes the water too cold for homogeneous mixing.

Either way, i took a drink and realized it wasn’t as cold as usual so i added ice after.

I think the solution is to use room temp or fridge temp water, shake then add ice on top and shake some more to make it colder and maybe thicker.

Just thought i’d share my success, hopefully it will help others.


Come to think of it, that’s exactly how I manually shook my test dose of the chocolate ver 3.0. I just used water straight from the filter on the fridge. It was only cool, not cold. And I didn’t add ice till after i manually mixed it.

Another brainstorming thought. I am wondering if how people scoop it out is a factor. I just scooped it quickly with no packing into the scooper. So it went into the shaker bottle as loose as it occurs in the Huel pouch. I am wondering if people are pressing the powder down into the scoop (which does actually give a more accurate and consistent measurement) and that could contribute to this clumping that some people see.

When it comes to mixing things, if seems that the first few seconds are the most crucial. If you start off on the wrong foot and don’t aggressively shake it right out of the gate, it may be hard to get powder properly dispersed after you’ve already shook it weakly for the first few seconds. You gotta surprise your Huel and give it no chance to protest. But like a toddler, once it decides to disobey, the harder you push the harder it resists.

I remember back to the old days when immune globulin drug was stored in powdered form. The ability to get it into solution depended on the first 3 or 4 seconds of how I prepared it. If I was fast and peirced the vacume sealed powder with my dilutent bottle ready to go, the vacume sucked in the sterile water with force and broke up the powder. It would be in solution in 15 minutes easy. But if I messed up and didn’t do it fast enough, the vacume would be partially destroyed by air rushing in. The powder would remain packed and it would take an hour to get into solution, all with me manually swirling periodically. Thank God the manufacturer figured out how to keep it stable in solution so now it comes to us in solution already. And now I just sound like an old man telling these young whipper snapper pharmacists about “the old days”.

I must be on to something cause my snack batch right now was perfect. I do Scoop and ‘scrape’ it against my hand on the outside so it is packed and level every time. A tad messier by removing the screen to add ice but is totally doable to just pick the screen and tilt it. I added the ice then topped off the water to the 25mL mark which is about 3 or 4 more ml of water.

Agreed that you have to consider the Huel possessed and shake it like you are trying to rid a demon. From adding the huel to shaking for me is about 10 seconds.

I still miss the oat taste of 1.1 though :frowning:

Neither water temp or presence of ice yielded varying results for me. The only time I ever had a difference was:

  • Shaking the bag of Huel (or the tub I use at home) prior to use yields a better consistency, but still clumpy. Not 100% repeatable. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Adding a different powder (oat/beet root in my case) yielded a MUCH better consistency, still clumpy, but almost clump-free.

Despite the clumpiness, 3.0 never has the smooth/rich texture that I liked in v1.1

I have 1/2 bag of 3.0 at work and 2/4 bag of 3.0 at home, then it’s all 1.1 from here until they discontinue that. Not a whole lot of experimentation gonna come from me when I run out of 3.0.

I’ve had the same clumping problem with v 3.0.
I don’t understand why some people make it like we’re lying about… I mean I do still love huel. It’s been my steady breakfast for months now, and I occasionally use it also for my lunch or as a snack. I do actually like the taste of 3.0, it reminds me almost of Ovaltine. I just don’t like the clumping issue, and while I do blend my huel 90% of the time, it’s still annoying to have the clumps on days when I’m in a rush and just want to shake it.
And I actually use a blend bottle with the metal wire ball in it, and still have the clumping issue.
So all in all, I do still love me my huel, but I would definitely love it more if the next version just resolved that clumping issue. The last version to me was much smoother when I mixed it with a shaker, be it the free huel one or a blend bottle.

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I used V1.1 Berry flavored for a year or two and it mixed fine using the “BlenderBottle” brand of shaker cup with the wire ball. I also used Huel’s brand of mixing cup with the plastic grate. I had better results with the blender bottle so I stick to that. Mix procedure: fill ~1cup of water, two scoops of huel, fill to top with water ~26 oz of water total, then shake. That method worked well.
Received V3.0 and noticed that no matter what mixing procedure I use with any blender bottle is not effective. It’s super clumpy and hard to drink. Yeah a blender works but what a hassle if i’m at work or some place without a blender. The idea behind Huel is the convenience. The flavor is great I have no issues with that, it’s just the clumping.
The inkjet label on my huel bag says 1L: 96078 E:01/2021 200124 12:26:59. I assume the 96078 is the lot number and 200124 is the date it was produced. Hope that helps.

Doesn’t matter. Huel doesn’t believe it’s customers with regards to the clumping issue because they can’t replicate the issue in a lab. Others on here think it’s some conspiracy and Soylent workers are infiltrating the forum.
Best advice is blend it, if that’s not possible then tough luck, buy the surplus stuff sitting in the corner of a warehouse somewhere until of course that runs out too.

How is this thread still going? If someone doesn’t like a product, then don’t buy it!


We aren’t. I’m not anyway and probably most are buying 1.1 until it runs out then either wait to see what happens after 3.0 or find a different product. I bought 4 bags of 1.1. I can live with 3.0, just like I lived with MRE’s in the military but version MRE.Dehydrated-Beef-Patty was DEFINATELY not as good as version Real.Hamburger lmao.

This simply isn’t true and I’m not going over this again. I’m sorry you’re having issues with v3.0 and we are looking into it.