Huel Self Trial - 60 Days Straight w/ Blood Work Provided

I’m sharing this information for those who may be interested in further incorporating Huel into their diet and the potential effects - and more than happy to answer any questions.

Primarily towards permanent lifestyle change and weight reduction, I’m consuming only Huel for 60 days (Along with Almond Milk). Initial, 30th days, and 60th days of weight and numerous blood work will be provided here.

If you haven’t seen it already, Huel has its own five-week study here below

Starting Information:
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 230 - 16 May 2020
BMI Approx: 33.0
Initial Goal Weight: 200 [Reached On Day 43]

Weight Updates
0-Day Starting: 230.0 - 16 May 2020
30-Day Update: 204.6 - 15 June 2020
43-Day Update: 200.0 - 28 June 2020
45-Day Update: 198.6 - 30 June 2020
Final Day 60-Day Update: 191.6 - 17 July 2020

TOTAL 60 Day Weight Loss: 38.4 Lbs

Completed Blood Work Below (Click Picture To Enlarge) - I’ve highlighted the biggest changes - The rest of the results show that Huel in my case, did not negatively affect other tests performed. Additional A1C Test is provided for Day 60. (Vitamin D Test Pending)

For more information, along with Day 45 Results, and a quick day-by-day diary, click below
Google Drive Document

(Approximate Base Cost)
[Total Base Price]
Huel Black Edition 11 Bag Total: $300 (187 meals - $1.60/Serving)
(10% Subscription Discount + 10% Service Discount)
Almond Milk: $4.00 - $1.15/Serving(830mL)



To some questions asked:
Psychological / physiological differences noticed-

  • Sleep improvement, way more energy, I used to need 8 to 10 hours of sleep to not feel tired. I wake up on my own after about 6-7 hours now which never happened before, feeling fully rested.

  • Not feeling tired in the gym, easier to focus on tasks, used to have GERD which was extremely painful at times which completely vanished after starting Huel.

  • The temptation for food is gone(compulsive eating).

  • After being able to stay focused on this change, it’s easier to make other lifestyle changes that I should have done or wanted to do previously along with staying consistent with those changes

Will be including Vitamin D once the results come back! That’s all for here, any questions or additional info I may be able to backtrack and add just ask!

This was very fun, in an interesting way to do, and definitely made a massive difference in my life - I will be continuing using Huel and having meals occasionally. The main reason I started this was to practice discipline with food and that has definitely changed for the best. Thank you Huel for creating Huel!

I hope I can encourage someone who’s also had a tough time and thinking about using Huel to go for it.

Side note - Food-related waste has drastically decreased and my kitchen is always clean now :grin: and saving a whole ton of money from not going out to eat frequently and not throwing away food after going bad. Previously I spent approximately 150 to 200$ a month on outside food, not including groceries for the house.


How are you feeling and what are your plans afterwards?

Best I’ve ever felt. Not feeling mentally drained at work or when I come back home, higher energy in any activity including the gym, and I now have zero cravings for foods. I planned on eating pizza after the 60th day since I started, but I’ve lost the desire to do so recently. Sleep quality significantly improved. I’m considering doing another 30 days so I can get an accurate A1c reading on Huel - as it takes about 90 days for RBCs to die, so then all my RBCs will be Hueligan’s.

When I do start to incorporate foods, I’ll be keeping Huel as a staple while eating a few meals a week.


Thanks for sharing Justin really cool! Your cholesterol profile is looking a lot better. I’d be interested to find out why your HDL levels are so low.

Drop me a message with your size and we will sort out a care package for you.


Hi @Justin_Keikhlasan

This is really detailed. I love it when Hueligans go all out with self-trials like this.

Looking forward to your 60-day results.


With the information that was documented by my employer since 2015 and HDL results I could gather - Low HDL is probably a result of poor eating habits from the time I started my new job in 2015.

Around May 2018 I attempted to keep myself in Ketosis which I was eating below 1,500 calories, and even though it was healthier food choices, I had horrible energy levels, tired all the time, and poor overall performance. Stressful life situations occurred around September-2018 where I became demotivated and quit the Keto diet, then reverting to bad habits(Won’t happen again!) where my HDL then continued to drop.

@JamesCollier Thank you! I’ve compared Huel with other products, and even though in terms of nutrition may be similar, comparing the ingredients are a world’s difference. Loved the video you both made too with providing reasoning of picking the vegan alternative.

Which if anyone hasn’t seen it - the video is here:


That’s interesting thank you and yes the video of James and Julian is pretty cool!

Huel will definitely become a staple in my diet - the value of time it brings is priceless :slight_smile: Next step, I’ll be incorporating vegetables into the diet first. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and all that other good stuff. I planned on eating pizza on Day 61 but that’s changed to where I don’t want to anymore. Probably will eat other foods strictly within a social setting so I’m not eating to just enjoy eating, but to include time with friends and family.

I’ll be keeping track of more data from now on - looking to add testosterone levels(which I’m sure its fine) and maybe a couple more different tests on the 60th day just to see if there’s any other changes of interest later on.

(Response was from someone who removed post)

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Justin - I’ve thought about going Huel-only many times and haven’t made the plunge yet. When I was working in the office, I would eat Huel for lunch 4-5 days a week and I loved not having to go out for food, but still could go on walks with friends to go get meals (very common in my area to go out and get lunch). I work for a quantitative firm and your post inspired me in multiple ways. I thought it might be interesting to put your data into a table so I copied the data from your Google Doc and put it into a sheet to give us the ability to do some potentially interesting analysis.


Don’t go overboard on 61… I get major cramps when I go back to eating junk food on cheat days…

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I’m going to take it slow if I decide to eat real food again on day 61 for that reason I’m sure it’ll happen and realized my previous plan would probably end up extremely painful :rofl:

@dahveed311 I’d say the only items that are clinically significant for changes would be (CHOL, HDL, LDL, TRIG) - All the other values are not much of difference - which is expected and really a good thing so far.

17th of July will be the scheduled bloodwork since fasting is needed for accurate results, this will show a complete 60-Day result from Huel.


Justin - Your Huel 60 Days thread is really interesting and extremely well-timed for me. Before I even know about the Huel online group, I have been putting myself in a position to more directly subsist on Huel as a weight loss strategy, with a target start date of mid-July. So, today, July 15, I’ve started. Instead of only having Huel as an occasional meal replacement, I am planning on replacing a lot more meals throughout the upcoming weeks, at least once a day, but ideally some days primarily consuming Huel. Looking forward to your July 17 update. Thank you for documenting everything so carefully and expressing yourself so eloquently. I’m inspired!


Updated - Super happy about the final results, and it feels so great that I stuck with it. The first two weeks were tough. Overall difficulty rating: 5/10


Hey Justin,

amazing work, thank you, that’s very helpful for me.
I’ve been thinking about going only-Huel again and have one question to You.
I can see your AST almost tripled and ALT almost doubled on day 30 - I think it’s because you lost weight pretty fast and your liver cound’t keep up - did You ask doctor about this? Or maybe somebody here can explain why your AST and ALT went that high and now are back to normal?


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AST and ALT can show a high rise after working out / muscle injury (due to tearing muscle fibers), I worked out for a few days in a row, prior to 30 days so its normal that the ALT/AST levels were elevated.

If my AST / ALT were high without working out, there probably would be other complications at play. In this case however, it’s normal :slight_smile:

In another case I had, about 5 years ago or so, I used to take all kinds of supplements that I thought were helpful, and took about 10 different supplements a day(pills). My ALT was high and found out I was slowly damaging my liver. It depends on the circumstance to determine if a high result needs attention or not.

I really thought about it and decided to go overboard to see any negative effects.

Friday - Dominos Pizza (x2 Medium Thin Crust), Dominos Salad w/ blue cheese, Pasta Bread Bowl
Saturday - Dominos Pasta Bread Bowl x2
Sunday - Dominos Pasta Bread Bowl x2, Medium Regular Pizza

Very surprised I had no digestive or any other issues, but I feel very tired today and I feel overall ‘bad, foggy’. :frowning: Much Regret I have :frowning:


Very impressive results! I appreciate your diligence throughout the process. Perhaps the consumption of all that dairy after having gone vegan/plant-based contributed to the foggy feel?

Probably and all that processed goodness lol. Never doing that again :laughing:

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