Huel is "staticky" in dry climates; anything I should be doing differently?

I have been using Huel for about four months now and I LOVE IT.

However, I recently moved from a wet Pacific Northwest climate to a dry Midwestern climate, and my Huel has started to… well, when I open the bag, Huel grains float into the air. When I take a filled scoop out of the bag, grains float away from the scoop. It’s like they’re fabric fibers experiencing static cling, except there’s no sweater to anchor them into place.

So I make my Huel shakes while I watch all of these Huel grains drift away, I wipe my kitchen counter clean, and then the next morning I wake up to see my counter covered in all of those Huel grains that have finally floated downwards.

Is there anything I could be doing to prevent this?

Hi @HelloTheFuture

Where are you storing your Huel?

Perhaps you could transfer the powder all-at-once into a largish container (glass?) with a lid that you can open without disturbing the powder as much as opening the mylar-esque bag. Also, perhaps use a metal scoop minimize static?

Otherwise, for other health reasons, consider a humidifier in your home. :wink:

In the refrigerator.

I don’t have the issue with them floating out of the bag, but I do use a metal scoop to prevent them from clinging and when I transfer the powder to the bottle, I hold my other hand over it to shield the area around it from a plume of Huel dust.

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Hmm, I never really considered it as static cling. Now I wonder if I could fashion some sort of static collector above the bag opening to absorb all the mess :slight_smile:.

:slight_smile: Homemade air deionizer?