Huel Cares for customers

I was robbed by porch pirates and Huel must monitor news and media for their name because it was reported in a local news story that I was robbed of 2 bags of “Huel powder.” The next day I received an email from Huel asking if they had the right customer and offering to replace the stolen Huel,free of charge. Today I received a box with FOUR bags of Huel, a new shaker and a Huel hoodie. I am speechless at their kindness.


A recent subscription was snafued and only half of my order was processed…Huel jumped on that quickly and even upgraded my order.
Customer Service AA+

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Wow… That’s an awesome story. Despite their rapid growth, it’s nice to see they still operate like a small business.

First time case for sure they will help, 2nd or 3rd time, I bet they won’t because technically it is not their responsibility for our items after it has been delivered. Just imagine if someone keep losing their item for 10 times, company going to lose business.

One tip, always make sure you are at home on the day of a delivery. There is a tracking number. For me, if I have an emergency and cannot be home, I will ask my neighbors or friends to help me fetch my items.

If the thieves decide to try the Huel and like it, they may return for your future shipments :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We really hope that everything is going better for you & it was a pleasure helping you with your stolen Huel items! Let’s hope they do not come back to steal more Huel but I do have to agree that Huel can be that good that they may come back for more! :rofl:

(not to worry though, Huel is here to the rescue) :tada:

Way to go, Huel! And I suspect the thief is now a regular customer.


I wanted to give a shout out to the three Huel customer service representatives I communicated with, to include @Domenique_Huel, who helped straighten out a shipping issue my mom was having in getting a Huel order for Christmas. I am very thankful for how this was handled.