HUEL + Braces = Thankful

So…I am new to the HUEL family. It all started because I am 34 and have had to GET BRACES!!! Nothing like feeling you are a pubescent teenager again right!! ANYWAYS…I was searching for something to replace my meals because I was sure I was going to have some sensitivity for a few days…Welp… 2 WEEKS LATER and I am just NOW able to actually chew food…just in time for my first adjustment…womp womp. So it was fantastic that I was able to find a meal replacement that didn’t have tons of sugar and that actually tasted pretty good. I used to make shakes with oats before so the taste was normal for me. SInce everything just get stuck in braces when you eat…I have opted to drink 2 meals a day because, lets face it who has time to go to the bathroom AT WORK and floss and brush for 15 minutes after you eat lunch…not me. I am on my second order…and a welcomed unplanned side affect…I am down 10 pounds. I feel great and it has honestly made it so much easier to deal with breakfast and lunches. My hetero-life-partner has even started drinking a meal a day…so who knows…braces may have changed both of our lives for the better!


I’m in the same boat as you. I’m 30 and had to get braces for a second time (shame on me for not wearing my retainers :sweat_smile:). My Huel is supposed to come Tuesday, and I’m looking forward to not having food get stuck in them every time I have a meal.


It has really helped me! I am so over braces! 9 months can’t come soon enough!


We’d love a picture of your flashy new smile with your Huel in 9 months! :tada::grin: