How to Control Your Cravings

We’ve got a new article on cravings:

There’s a little bit on the science and then how to put it into practice.

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Great article!

I’ve recently been experiencing a dramatic drop in cravings, and I think it’s for exactly the first reason on your list. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting. Weirdly, narrowing the window of time that I normally eat has also narrowed the window of time in which I get really hungry.

Also, I find the half hour rule can pair really nicely with the hobby rule. If you’re trying to build some other positive habit like reading, that half hour window might be the perfect time to make yourself do it.

Minor note, I think the formatting might be off under “Have regular drinks.” It looks like the next three bullets are sub-points, which I don’t think is intended.


I always have cravings on ice cream and chocolate. COVID closures have forced me to restrict these cravings because I stopped going to grocery stores and my fridge can’t keep ice cream frozen.

I allowed myself one (very expensive) ice cream delivery during the whole month of April, instead of picking up a pint every week.

I have a few chocolate bars on order. I would enjoy modestly once they arrive. Having to wait two weeks for delivery instead of being able to pick up a chocolate bar every 4 days makes me more conscious on how much chocolate I’m eating.

I saw hot drinks mentioned in the article. Recently I got a box of tea bags and have been drinking the tea. It’s zero calories and is slightly effective in letting me forget about snacking, although I don’t have much snacks to begin with.

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Thanks for pointing this out Tom :slight_smile:

I think this is really important. If you don’t have something in the house you have to make a conscious effort to go out and buy that snack you’re craving which gives you more control and time to think.


I find that I stay hungry ,I am doing 2 huel 1 meal but I feel like I am always hungry except after my meal wich is just chicken and broccoli an about 350 cal

Is that all you’re eating 2 400kcal Huel meals and a 350kcal meal?

for the most part yes

Obviously it depends on your size but at such low calories you will be hungry. If your goal is weight loss is article will help you out.