How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)


Thank you SO much for this wonderful product. For the first time in 8 years, my liver enzymes are normal rather than sky-high! And all my other bloodwork is normal as well. I’m thrilled - and convinced it’s because I went vegan and use Huel.

I would LOVE a coffee-flavored Huel powder. I use Vega Protein & Energy powder in the Cold Brew Coffee flavor as a replacement for the once-daily cup of coffee I used to fill with sugar and creamer. The Cold Brew Coffee flavor is fantastic. It reminds me of another high-calorie old favorite of mine, the Starbucks bottled frappuccinos. I would be so excited if Huel released it’s own coffee-flavored powder!

Thanks for listening!


I understand that for cosmetic reasons, having a low-ish “400 cal” per meal sounds cool. Though some lean humanoids like me don’t mind calories. What we do mind is, all these new kinds of sweeteners going around these days. Can you please appease us by creating perhaps one “all natural sweeteners” kind of flavor? 400 calories or 500 or 600, no problems. Edit: Please don’t say “take the unsweetened version and add your stuff”. If I could really go to kitchen each time, I’d just make myself a smoothie and eat some bread with it.

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Agreed. A natural sweetener alternative would be fantastic. I saw Stevia mentioned in another thread - would be an instant purchase for me.

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My only suggestion would be sweetened with monkfruit instead of maltodextrin (sp) and stevia . But I still love it as my everyday, x2 …go to… can’t stress how much I :heart: Huel !


Stop using plastic for Ready Huel.

I became a Hueler two years ago. I love what it has helped me in my diet. But i have to be honest I’m disappointed. Not because the taste changed or a new flavor is not my favorite. It’s for a bigger reason. Plastic pollution. Stop using plastic for Ready Huel! You save the planet by not producing animal based food, and then turn around and pollute it by producing the bottles. Huel powder itself was the most convenient way to have nutritionally complete food. Reusable bottle, dry food that lasts a long time, mixes in seconds. Im not sure who really asked for the ready bottled huel! Certainly not the original Huelers that used the powder. My only guess is that you tried to expand your exposure by putting on shelves to reach new customers. So was money the reason?

But I won’t be negative because the reason im leaving this feedback is positive in nature (no pun intended). So a big no to the bottles. It’s not about what the bottles are made of, recyclable material or not, its whether they will be recycled or not. Which at the moment, they won’t be. Both for lack of care in consumers, and recycling limitations in most cities. Continue doing good, but do it in every aspect. Look at coca cola claiming the title of Largest Plastic Polluter for the second year in a row. Plastic pollution is an issue in our time. Don’t add to it.


For someone who’s trying not being negative… I’d hate to see when you are trying.
RTD bottles aren’t on any shelves, all U.S. Huel purchases are conducted online through the Huel website or, I’ve heard, Amazon - although I’m not sure if that’s the case with RTD, so don’t quote me on that. Huel RTD is for people who already drink Huel, but don’t have access to the necessities needed to mix Huel while on the go. I’ll use myself for an example: I work in a very labor intensive fabrication plant, we don’t have a sink, no lockers, and only one fridge that I share with 20 coworkers. Our only available access to water is a little fountain and a styrofoam cup. Mixing Huel at work wouldn’t be ideal for me, so I pre-mix my Huel before work and let it sit in the fridge. Ideally, I’d like to have Huel RTD - but it’s over $4 a bottle and I’m a broke laborer. But this paints the portrait of why Huel needed an RTD, some people don’t have 24/7 access to a water faucet, BIG packages of Huel, or the time to properly blend it all together. This group of people includes laborers, athletes, long distance drivers, and even 9 to 5 accountants, I’m sure. Point being, the reason for Huel RTD is accessibility and convenience. Say if Huel RTD were to be packaged in a biodegradable carton - that would significantly reduce its accessibility and possibly affect the drink itself in reducing its shelf life. In addition, look at Huel’s customers. I spend nearly $70 for this food because I care about what goes into my body, and I care about who I’m buying it from; a respectable company that takes pride in providing natural ingredients and being earth-friendly. If I didn’t care about my impact on Earth I could just as easily buy a $4 salad in cheap plastic packaging from Walmart on my way to work every day and not give a care about recycling. Also, the same concept applies to the Huel powder bags, especially if you want to focus on Huel consumers. Weren’t they already causing plastic pollution when they created that big plastic bag they ship the Huel in? Aren’t you worried about the thousands of plastic bags they send out and whether or not they recycle those? You’re obviously a consumer and didn’t mind that plastic pollution, so you must handle the plastic in a way that fits your beliefs and recycle it. So what’s keeping other Huelers from recycling their plastic too, be it bottle or bag?
Personally, I still have all of my Huel bags, I’m saving them up to make a neat craft when I get enough :slight_smile:

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My ideas to improve:

  • larger bars (preferably 400kcal, or 500kcal)
  • make the bars cheaper, they cost much more than Jimmy Joy’s: Huel Bars €14.70-€17.30 per 2000kcal and for Jimmy Joy €11.25-€12.50 per 2000kcal for their newest bar Plenny Bar
  • more sustainable packaging, that can be recycled, such as plastic (Jimmy Joy already has this)

Not using tea would be great. I love Huel, people at work know I always drink it (I always bring at least one Huel to work.) and I enjoy wearing the Huel shirt. I will not be doing any of these things if Huel has tea in it. :frowning:

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My question is why is it necessary to use sucralose in sweetened Huel? I don’t see any benefit other than flavor enhancement and have read an abundance of reporting that indicates (or at least suggests) that sucralose can negatively impact the good bacteria in your digestive tract to the point that other nutrient content cannot be effectively absorbed. If I am consuming Huel with sucralose I don’t want it potentially affecting my body’s ability to properly absorb the other contents of Huel.

Yes I am aware that Huel without sucralose is available, my question is why is it necessary to use sucralose, period?

Sweetness is what makes the product “likable” for most people

Sucralose is there to improve the overall flavour profile. It provides no calories, has no impact on the nutrient composition of Huel and has no effect on dental health, all important considerations.

I haven’t seen any studies that have shown this. It’s also important to remember the majority of nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine whereas most of the gut microbiome sits in the large intestine. We are in the process of updating the sucralose article we have on site which will include a section on the gut microbiome which will helpful explain this area of research a bit better.

Keeping the ingredients/formula SIMPLE, yet complete, was very appealing. Adding probiotics and other things to the main product seems trendy rather than best.


I’m not sure that “complete” is something that everyone would agree about.

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“Nutritionally Complete Food” … it’s literally the tag line of the brand.


I always use ice and always use the grid and always use cinnamon and never have issues with either.
I love Arroz con leche and Horchata soooo…Huel and cinnamon tastes like those to me.

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It’s literally the first google result:

Glad I stick to the unsweetened version

I’ve read this study before. There’s nothing on sucralose affecting the absorption of nutrients and it’s not what the study set out to find.

We will have a new section in our sucralose article that will explain the research on the gut microbiota. It should be live in the next week or so and I think you’ll find it interesting.


I’d like some of these flavor boosts back, for starters. Maybe natural sugars would be nice. Stickers would be AWESOME. I’d love to give you real estate on my Chromebook. Acooler bag would be cool. I’m about to spend 35 dollars on a bag at Target to carry my bottles from home to work and back. I’d much rather be able to give your team the cash and advertise the product. Maybe design something that would easily hold 4 or 5 shaker bottles?

I’m a chef in a dementia and memory care facility. I work a lot with end of life care. I honestly think there is a huge market here for Huel. 100% of the time, I’d rather have chocolate or strawberry Huel vs. liquidized fish or meatloaf.

Just my two cents. Thanks for listening and for the great product.


What about a “liquidized fish” flavor boost?

Then you don’t have to choose;
You can have both! :slight_smile: