How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)

Any chance we might see an option to order a Flavor Assortment RTD case?

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i’ve only tried two of the three flavors offered so far, just starting with Huel about a month ago and finishing up with my first order, but to have more flavor options at to how Huel tastes BY ITSELF would be great. the idea of adding flavor boosts is in itself a good idea, being able to augment your shakes to a specific desired taste, but i feel that if more of the base products flavor options were made available it would only increase the amount of options that the boosts could create, leading to further sales!! right?!
when i placed my first order i received a shirt. while the shirt is comfortable and fits well, it is plain. i contacted support to find out if i could submit a design for inclusion with future outerwear purchases and was told that this probably wouldn’t be happening… but why not make it fun!? hold a contest for anyone interested once a year to come up with a new Huel design that will be put on clothing. winner of the design contest gets a set of clothing with the design in place…
the website and everything else works as intended. no complaints, no issues yet. just a couple ideas i thought i’d throw out there.


Just adding to my vote that I prefer the Original Vanilla Flavor. Just got on the Huel bandwagon so I am pretty bummed. I liked the more “simple” flavor because it isn’t a distinct flavor, it is muted and something that I can just eat and then I am no longer hungry anymore. The vanilla tastes like I am eating sweet ice cream and as much as I appreciate recommendations on how to alter and adjust the flavor, the whole point for me to using Huel was that it was simple and I didn’t have to think about changing the flavor or adding anything to it. I just want to not be hungry.

I hope that perhaps the Original Vanilla Flavor isn’t gone forever and may make a return in the future…I can only hope. I appreciate all the work that goes into it and I know a lot of time went into changing it, I am just thinking…why not have both? (cautiously optimistic)


I’m going to speak up for the silent minority and say:
I’m pretty excited to try the new vanilla! Maybe it does taste like cake batter and maybe it does taste very sweet to nearly the point of making your teeth hurt - but that sounds delicious to me, especially when I heard it compared to the vanilla flavor of most protein shakes! It’s what I loved most about Muscle Milk - it was like waking up each day to get to drink a milkshake :yum: I’m on a strict diet and can’t eat even a cookie or a piece of cake (which sucks if you’re a bakery chef and can’t even get a lick of frosting like me) and of course my lunch and dinner are savory dishes. So getting to justify drinking an “almost” milkshake every morning was GREAT and I missed that. When you get to start each morning with a delicious shake and know everything in it is healthy for you - it made me that much more inclined to drink it because it was just so easy. I heard a lot of the same complaints about berry flavor, and I bought a bag just to try it out - even though I thought I wouldn’t like it due to everyone on here talking poorly about it. And even on the site, chocolate and vanilla are either the best sellers or the customer favorites, but berry wins no accolades. I was actually pre-bummed because I thought it’d be a waste of money in buying berry. But I tried it today and it’s FANTASTIC! I’m not sorry to go against the crowd here, I’m excited to try the new vanilla and start each day with some sweetness :yum::birthday:
If you want something with a more vague flavor and a hint of a hint of vanilla, why not add a whisper of watered down vanilla essence to U/U? :joy:

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I’m fine with the new vanilla to stick around but we should also continue to have the option to order the original. We shouldn’t be forced to find ways to mask the flavor or switch to unsweetened and add our own sweetener. Why can’t both be available?


This new Huel flavor is terrible, and telling all your customers flavor is subjective is a great way to lose them. You had an amazing product before, I can’t say the same now.


Sorry but can you please answer as to why both flavors can’t be offered? I don’t mean to be rude but telling us that people that already had a subscription before the change can still buy it for the time being doesn’t really answer the question, but keeps being repeated.

It can be as simple as “we don’t think thats the best way to maximize profit.”

I would disagree but I think everyone would be a little happier with an answer.



Find a recipe you will stand behind and keep it! People will either like it and become loyal, or they won’t like it and they will modify it, or they will really not like it and find another product. Quit chasing down new people that don’t like your product. This is a food product. People want their food to be consistent. What would happen if your favorite restaurants started changing their recipes to try to attract picky new customers?

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I don’t know any meal replacement shake that has never evolved. Formulas and flavors are often changed in an effort to be more appealing to more people.

Speaking just for myself, I will always add ingredients to my shake because I cannot eat exactly the same thing everyday. So, whatever comes next I’ll be experimenting. And Huel is so nutritionally superior to so many alternatives, to me it is certainly worth putting in a small amount of effort to find different ways to enjoy it.

For those who want a natural, earthy alternative, U/U is still available. I recently ran out of the flavored Huel and have been quite happy preparing U/U with fruit and honey.

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I might be new, a complainer, and I might suggest some helpful customer input in a topic specifically made by Huel to ask for people’s opinions on their products and where they feel they could voice their comments.

But at least I’m not a jerk. If you’re so oriented on consuming the bare necessities, why don’t you live off of pills and capsules?

What is wrong with Huel trying to reach out to a bigger market? You alone are not going to keep this company in business. Your purchases alone will not keep them operating - that’s why they have to branch out and find what it is that the consumer likes. I am a consumer, I am telling them what I like, and giving them my suggestions. In fact, as a new customer, I’m more able to tell them what about the recent changes they’ve made were what attracted me and they can use that information to branch out and reach more customers. The nutrition in their shakes hasn’t changed, what do you care if you’re drinking an earthy oat shake or a cake batter flavored shake? You’re not drinking it for the flavor so you shouldn’t care if you’re downing cake batter flavored nutrients. It gets the job done, doesn’t it?
You sound like the kind of person who get upset when their favorite indie band becomes popular and call them “sell outs” because they’ve become successful.

“People want their food to be consistent”
What people are you speaking about? What boring, dull, and absolutely gray existence are you living in where a dash of cinnamon, a spoonful of coffee, or even a tablespoon of peanut butter powder are so nonsensical that you’ve just deemed this to be normal? Do you just eat solid unflavored tofu blocks and U/U for all your meals? And you expect other people to be content with your boring food rituals?
You’re entirely free to do that, but don’t complain when others want something more than the dull and boring and the company itself asks for suggestions.

I just caught what you said in another thread.

“I have been using Huel for a few months.”

NEWSFLASH! You’re new too.

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sorry, I was out of line. I deleted my reply.


I have almost always blended my Huel and added stuff. So I haven’t noticed a major difference in vanilla flavors and kinda like the new one anyway.

But… none the less… in defense of @MrNicG , I can see where he is coming from. There are probably a lot of Huelers that use the product for its simplicity and prefer a complete, one-stop food that you can just add to liquid, shake, and eat. And if NicG found an easy product that works really well for him and then all the sudden the company makes a significant change, I might feel the rug has been pulled out from me. I get it. I’ve experienced a few food products in my past that I grew to love and then, poof, they disappear, and I’m like, “WTF, Publix? Where’s my dang chicken salad that I love?” “Oh well, we don’t carry that anymore.” “Oh, OK. Thanks. And, can you point me to the steak knives so I can have you stick it in my back, Publix?” (This is past Deron who ate chicken at the time. Yeah, I was kinda pissed they took away my chicken salad.)

Listen, we all gotta eat. And some people do find it hard to prep food ahead of time for work or for various time constraints. To find a complete, ready to go powder food with a good nutrition profile that actually tastes good enough to eat daily… it’s kinda rare, actually. Now some of these Huelers have to go through the process of trying a bunch of different Huel flavors or try different products, like the ones reviewed on the LatestFuels website, and then the inevitable trial and error. It’s gonna be a PITA for some of these peeps. And I’m not being sarcastic. If I was used to OG vanilla Huel powder as my main food for several months and this happened to me, I’d be kinda pissed too.


Assuming that everyone experiences a savings when buying Huel rather than the groceries they would normally buy… Some of y’all never had to live off of ramen and it shows.



Thank you SO much for this wonderful product. For the first time in 8 years, my liver enzymes are normal rather than sky-high! And all my other bloodwork is normal as well. I’m thrilled - and convinced it’s because I went vegan and use Huel.

I would LOVE a coffee-flavored Huel powder. I use Vega Protein & Energy powder in the Cold Brew Coffee flavor as a replacement for the once-daily cup of coffee I used to fill with sugar and creamer. The Cold Brew Coffee flavor is fantastic. It reminds me of another high-calorie old favorite of mine, the Starbucks bottled frappuccinos. I would be so excited if Huel released it’s own coffee-flavored powder!

Thanks for listening!


I understand that for cosmetic reasons, having a low-ish “400 cal” per meal sounds cool. Though some lean humanoids like me don’t mind calories. What we do mind is, all these new kinds of sweeteners going around these days. Can you please appease us by creating perhaps one “all natural sweeteners” kind of flavor? 400 calories or 500 or 600, no problems. Edit: Please don’t say “take the unsweetened version and add your stuff”. If I could really go to kitchen each time, I’d just make myself a smoothie and eat some bread with it.

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Agreed. A natural sweetener alternative would be fantastic. I saw Stevia mentioned in another thread - would be an instant purchase for me.

My only suggestion would be sweetened with monkfruit instead of maltodextrin (sp) and stevia . But I still love it as my everyday, x2 …go to… can’t stress how much I :heart: Huel !


Stop using plastic for Ready Huel.

I became a Hueler two years ago. I love what it has helped me in my diet. But i have to be honest I’m disappointed. Not because the taste changed or a new flavor is not my favorite. It’s for a bigger reason. Plastic pollution. Stop using plastic for Ready Huel! You save the planet by not producing animal based food, and then turn around and pollute it by producing the bottles. Huel powder itself was the most convenient way to have nutritionally complete food. Reusable bottle, dry food that lasts a long time, mixes in seconds. Im not sure who really asked for the ready bottled huel! Certainly not the original Huelers that used the powder. My only guess is that you tried to expand your exposure by putting on shelves to reach new customers. So was money the reason?

But I won’t be negative because the reason im leaving this feedback is positive in nature (no pun intended). So a big no to the bottles. It’s not about what the bottles are made of, recyclable material or not, its whether they will be recycled or not. Which at the moment, they won’t be. Both for lack of care in consumers, and recycling limitations in most cities. Continue doing good, but do it in every aspect. Look at coca cola claiming the title of Largest Plastic Polluter for the second year in a row. Plastic pollution is an issue in our time. Don’t add to it.


For someone who’s trying not being negative… I’d hate to see when you are trying.
RTD bottles aren’t on any shelves, all U.S. Huel purchases are conducted online through the Huel website or, I’ve heard, Amazon - although I’m not sure if that’s the case with RTD, so don’t quote me on that. Huel RTD is for people who already drink Huel, but don’t have access to the necessities needed to mix Huel while on the go. I’ll use myself for an example: I work in a very labor intensive fabrication plant, we don’t have a sink, no lockers, and only one fridge that I share with 20 coworkers. Our only available access to water is a little fountain and a styrofoam cup. Mixing Huel at work wouldn’t be ideal for me, so I pre-mix my Huel before work and let it sit in the fridge. Ideally, I’d like to have Huel RTD - but it’s over $4 a bottle and I’m a broke laborer. But this paints the portrait of why Huel needed an RTD, some people don’t have 24/7 access to a water faucet, BIG packages of Huel, or the time to properly blend it all together. This group of people includes laborers, athletes, long distance drivers, and even 9 to 5 accountants, I’m sure. Point being, the reason for Huel RTD is accessibility and convenience. Say if Huel RTD were to be packaged in a biodegradable carton - that would significantly reduce its accessibility and possibly affect the drink itself in reducing its shelf life. In addition, look at Huel’s customers. I spend nearly $70 for this food because I care about what goes into my body, and I care about who I’m buying it from; a respectable company that takes pride in providing natural ingredients and being earth-friendly. If I didn’t care about my impact on Earth I could just as easily buy a $4 salad in cheap plastic packaging from Walmart on my way to work every day and not give a care about recycling. Also, the same concept applies to the Huel powder bags, especially if you want to focus on Huel consumers. Weren’t they already causing plastic pollution when they created that big plastic bag they ship the Huel in? Aren’t you worried about the thousands of plastic bags they send out and whether or not they recycle those? You’re obviously a consumer and didn’t mind that plastic pollution, so you must handle the plastic in a way that fits your beliefs and recycle it. So what’s keeping other Huelers from recycling their plastic too, be it bottle or bag?
Personally, I still have all of my Huel bags, I’m saving them up to make a neat craft when I get enough :slight_smile:

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