Does the powder expand post-mix?

Tried Reddit, not much help, and while the site has good info, it’s not this detailed. Videos are hard to see where the levels stand.

Can someone that has the following three things help me out with some OCD level mixing?

  1. Huel Power V3
  2. Shaker Bottle or any other graduated bottle with a level indication.
  3. OCD

Mix a 400cal blend using 2 scoops or (weighted 100g preferably) and 17oz of water in a graduated bottle so you accurately report the mixture. Throw it in the fridge overnight or about 12 to 36 hours and let me (us) know, what is the final liquid mixture?

Waiting on my first subscription order, really wanting to purchase some bottles that can hold 400 calorie meals with roughly 30ml airspace to easily shake/replenish the mixture when time to consume. Thinking 20oz bottles will suffice, but don’t want too much airspace and obviously want an exact fit.

Thank you very much! :call_me_hand:

I am not sure what you are trying to figure out here, but hopefully when your Huel arrives, you can play around with the amounts and get it to how you want it. The shaker bottles that Huel provides do a good job, and you could add a little more or less water, depending on how you like it.