Do you still have bags of version 1.0?

I could use some help! Can I buy your unopened bags of Huel 1.0 from you?

I live in Chicago, near Western and Division. Let me know the best way to get in touch with you.


I just got a big shipment of Huel (it’s been about half my food since 2016), and I started getting really bad headaches. It’s definitely the new version that’s giving me problems; I found a bag of 1.0, and after spending a couple days eating no Huel, I was fine, a few days eating 1.0, I was fine, switched back to 1.1, the headaches came back, switched off it, they went away again.

This happens to me, and my doctors aren’t sure why; it’s been a problem for 20+ years now. There’s a lot of food I can’t eat, that’s why I switched to Huel in the first place and it’s massively improved my life.

So if you could, it’d help me a lot.

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It can be so difficult to pin down the exact cause of headaches so it’s tough Mike.

If it helps the changes between versions can be found here:

I’d hate for you have to stop having Huel when you say it helps you so much.

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Thanks; I read through that immediately when this started happening. My current best guess is it’s the different vitamin sources, but it doesn’t say what plants they’re from, so I’m not sure.

Our vitamin E is derived from vegetable oil and vitamin D3 from lichens. Really small amounts are used though.

Anybody else have some? I got one bag so far.

I’m having issues with 1.1 as well. Is that vegetable oil for the vitamin E soybean or something else?

The D-alpha tocopheryl source is not derived from soya

I was asking about the vitamin E where @Dan_Huel said is sourced from vegetable oil which is typically a soybean base.

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Sorry I’m late to the party here, but I’ve got 3 bags of vanilla 1.0 that I’d be happy to send for cost plus shipping. I wasn’t super looking forward to finishing the 1.0 stuff, since I like the 1.1 formulation better. Let me know.

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I have one bag of original left. You could get in touch with me if you want it. I like the new formulations better. If the new one is giving you headaches, it could have to do with the new flavors, so you could try the original one and just flavor it yourself. But I do have the old version of the original. You can also try wearing light sensitivity glasses because those can help with headaches. I’ve started doing that. You could be trying to correlate the headaches to specific foods when it could actually be something like light sensitivity. Or it could be the new flavors that are causing you problems. I don’t know. I like the new formula way better. It is so much smoother and the earthy taste is way less.

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I have some. I have two vanilla and one original.

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I love the solidarity! If I had any 1.0 I’d be on the bandwagon. I had no idea what might seem like a minor change in formula could have such a huge impact. :confused:

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I live in Chicago (near Western & Division) if any of y’all are local.

Sorry for the delay, I gave up; I’ll DM y’all if the offers are still on the table

or you can order 1.0 from Amazon. Their starter kit has 2 bags of vanilla, scoop and a shaker bottle. The scoop is the 1.0 version suited to the 1.0 formulation