Current status of vanilla?

Hey people. I gave up on Huel in 2019 when OG vanilla went away and because Huel seems to change too frequently in general. Curious to know if the products still change all the time? And what’s the latest on the vanilla? Is it still the gross vanilla that started in late 2019 or has it been changed since?


The current vanilla is still very much the vanilla of late 2019. They have however introduced huel original flavor in the summer of last year which is more in line with the OG vanilla of 1.1 back in the day. (which i prefer as the current vanilla in my opinion is overly sweet)

As far as it changing often, the formula of late 2019 has not changed much atleast from what i can remember other than adding a few flavors every couple months. (for white huel atleast, i believe the formula recently changed for the black version)

I haven’t ordered anything for more than a year now.
I logged in recently because I suddenly received a $15 referral coupon.

The “original” used to be a little cheaper, but now everything is same price.
I think I’ll try the “vanilla” when I place the next order, as there’s no longer a price difference, and the “original” is starting to taste like cereal.

I also discovered there’s a “banana”?
It wasn’t there a year ago.

Banana is awesome…tastes pretty much like you’re eating a fresh ripe fruit. Not like candy or a shake.
That said, they’ve also introduced Peanut Butter, Cafe Latte, Salted Caramel, and a line of meals called Hot & Savory (can’t vouch for, haven’t tried yet).
The new shake flavors are all a slam dunk.
And the bars…are okay…they’re an acquired taste.
Yup yup :wink::ok_hand:

In case you aren’t aware, there has been a global shortage of vanilla for several years, due to unsustainable farming practices. That’s what happens when we don’t take care of the earth!

Anyway my guess is that is the reason for huel vanilla flavor issues.