Cancelling account to reorder


Ordered a single week’s supply of Huel set to reorder every two weeks, thinking I’d only be using it for a couple of meals a day. Instantly decided I preferred the ease of use and the way my body felt drinking Huel to the other food I was eating and went to change my subscription to weekly.

Apparently the US site is not complete yet, and the subscription options don’t show up at all. I emailed support on this and got a response the next day explaining this and suggesting I cancel my account and then reorder with the new subscription.

Of course, without the subscription options working on the site, I can’t cancel my account either. I responded to support asking if they could help and haven’t heard back.

I’m new to the site and not sure what the fastest way to get from A to B is, but I’d really like to get this sorted so my current supply of Huel doesn’t run out before I’m able to get the next order in. I’m really excited about getting started with this.

So, sorry if this is a redundant post, but can anyone point me in the right direction?



You should be able to cancel from the “your account” page. “Manage subscriptions” is an option, and from there you should be able to cancel the current one and then start a new one. I too was told that you can’t really change subscriptions at this point - you have to cancel and then start a new one - but I didn’t have any problems doing it. Hope it works for you!


Thanks for your reply. The problem is that I don’t have a Manage Subscriptions link anywhere on my Your Account page. I can edit my address, view my addresses, view the invoice for my last order, there’s some info for referring a friend and signing up for the newsletter… and that’s really it…


Thats where it is for me. If you don’t have that, contacting support with these new details is really all you can do. It would make me wonder if perhaps you don’t have a subscription at all, but that seems unlikely too.


I got it sorted. When I created my first order, there was an error at checkout. I’d hit submit. Gotten my receipt email, and order, but the last page of the order crashed. And, apparently, as a result the Manage Subscription button didn’t get turned on.

I just redid the order, and the button was there. That allowed me to go in and cancel the original order.

Thanks all for your help.