Calories per scoop: which is correct the booklet or this forum?

No Scoop? No Problem! indicates the Huel scoop is 1/4 cup. According to that post and the nutrition facts 1 cup is 500 calories making 1 scoops equal to 125 calories.

The “Let’s Get Started…” booklet that arrived with my order indicates that 1 scoop is 150 calories.

This has left me really uncertain how to measure calories of Huel. depending on which numbers are correct an expected 450 calories could be 375 calories or an expected 500 calories could be 600 calories.

While the U.S. formula is slightly modified from the U.K. formula to meet local regulations, your guidebook is correct, and we will update the forum here to match. 1 Scoop is approximately 150 calories. We will be making updates to the U.S. guidebook and instructions so all match and are more clear, but thank you for your question and for being among the first to join the Huel community in America.

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I guess I was confused about serving size. As I understand it now 3 scoops powder and 570 ml of water is 1 serving. If I want to get approximately 1500 calories I should drink 3 bottles of 3 scoops and 570ml water. Is this correct? I also like to weigh my ingredients. Can you tell me the weight in grams per scoop?


Hi @GhostPanic, there are 500 calories for 127grams of Huel.
So if you weight 3 full scoops of approximately 42 grams each, you will get the 500 calories.

I figured it out after I posted.
I really like the flavor by the way.

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