An HONEST Review of Taste and Texture instead of a Health Nut Pretending to Like It


I’ve only used a blender and I do over blend it for about 3-5 minutes to really keep the graininess down (I also add bananas). I’ve found I’ve had to do this for other protein powders as well. I haven’t tried the shaker for just this reason. Hope this helps.


A colleague and I swapped formulas. She gave me a scoop of Soylent and I gave her a scoop of Huel. She doesn’t have to worry about me asking for more, the Soylent was nasty. It had a sickly sweet flavor with an aftertaste that I couldn’t get rid of. I’ll stick with Huel for sure.


I like it and I have the unflavored…although I don’t do the recommended 3 scoops…I only do like 1 and a half scoops mixed with my favorite probiotic juice. I’m not really using it as a meal replacement.


If you simply put 3 scoops with some water in a shaker and then drink it, I agree 100%; it is not very good. However, I didn’t expect it to be when I started my Huel journey. Most of the reviews I read mentioned a “strong oat sort of taste” and “too thick with the recommended amount of water/milk added”. Taking that into consideration I NEVER just shake up my Huel. As some others have mentioned, I use a blender and make my shakes the night before. I use various combinations, but most of the time it’s as follows:

3 scoops of Huel (2 vanilla 1 unflavored)
some frozen blueberries
a banana
a dash of cinnamon
and then enough almond milk to whatever consistency you enjoy



I’m not a “health nut” but your review doesn’t seem to be very nice or informative. Just kinda angry and extreme. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I prefer the unflavored to the vanilla and I just simply shake mine up. My favorite goto recipe:

4oz Cranberry juice
12oz water
Crystal lite lemonade packet (or classic orange)
62g HUEL (1/2 serving)

Sure there is a grain texture but I find it more satisfying and I love the flaxseed bits.

It takes two minutes to mixture/shake and enjoy! I’ve been doing this for four weeks for breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snack then a regular meal and snack at night. I’ve never felt better! Good luck to you on your journey. Sorry HUEL didn’t do it for you.


I am pleasantly surprised by Huel. I am NOT a health nut. I am a lazy, overweight, middle-aged woman who hates exercise and loves junk food. I started a job where I have a long commute and I work three-ten hour days. I was resorting to fast food every day, sometimes twice a day! I decided to look for a meal replacement and Huel happened to be the first I tried.
I made my first batch with the vanilla flavored and water, according to instructions. Not good. It was too gritty, lumpy and weird tasting. Once I started experimenting with flavorings, I have found that I actually like it. Mixing with almond milk instead of water has made a HUGE difference. I recently ordered some of the powdered flavoring from Huel and I love the chocolate.
What I like best about Huel is that it is filling and I don’t think about food all day. Huel is thick and filling and I can nurse one for a couple of hours and it keeps me going.
I didn’t expect to like this stuff and I sure didn’t expect it to make me feel like my hunger was satisfied for more than five minutes.
It does take some experimenting and patience to get it the way YOU will like it but it’s worth it.


I’m no health nut. In fact, I can down a whopper like the best of 'em. I’m also a bit of a foodie. I like to cook. I am an active, 54 year old male. I lift weights, mountain bike, road bike, ski, hike, walk and sometimes couch jockey. I was hoping to find something like Huel. Something that was healthy, created from real food, robust with nutrients that I could use to help my diet and replace meals. After reading some of the reviews about the texture and flavor of Huel, I was a bit worried. But, here is my honest assessment.
I use a protein called Jay Rob. It tastes amazing. I use the strawberry with fruit for a smoothie like healthy snack. I drink the chocolate, mixed only with water for a meal replacement. But, I wanted to bump up my meal replacements without giving up nutrients. By the way, mix two scoops of Jay Rob with one heaping teaspoon of PBFit peanut butter powder and 700 milliliters of water and you’ve got yourself a really yummy reeses cup flavored protein drink that I authentically like!
Now, enter Huel. I mix one scoop of Huel with the above and while it alters the taste, it is OK. I’ve only been drinking it this way for a few days now and I’m really starting to like it. There’s a sort of oatmealish flavor, sort of nutty to it, but not undesirable. I’ve found that a few cubes of ice or letting the mix sit in the fridge overnight really enhances the texture and flavor. I’m completely sold. I’ll be experimenting with it over the coming weeks and months. I’m excited to start using it in my cooking and will share here. Really excited to have it as a healthy alternative while I travel. Those that travel extensively know what I’m talking about. Trying to get healthy food in India, or on flights or airports… Yeah… Not easy. Mostly all carb loaded bread based gut bombs. Looking forward to having my Huel and protein alternative.


Im an odd person i guess. I love uu boring oat water. I even like the huel balls, the unmixed clumps. there is no accounting for some ones taste, or lack thereof
Loved reading everyone’s posts!


[Record scratching sound] Wait, what? There’s a Huel Balls?!! Are you serious?!

Where can I find this recipe? I need to make these and bring them to work, offering people samples of my balls, ala SNL Pete Schweddy parody.

“That’s right. These balls are moist, mouth-watering, and impossible to resist.”


Emmanuelle, have you blended it? I put mine in a Vita-mix and the texture is like any other smoothie. I actually mix it with some fruit some days, and the texture is extremely smooth. Shaking it in the shaker leaves the texture like runny oatmeal of which I’m not a fan.