(92290) Still waiting for discounted return label

I requested to cancel my subscription as well as my next order on May, 2nd was told it was too late, it’s already gone out. Then I asked for a return label. I was told they could do that, but it would be a “discounted return label” (unsure how this works and not told how much it’s been “discounted” by how). I said to please proceed with the discounted return label and no answer, no return label either. I’ve been following up ever since and it’s May 22nd. I’ve got more Huel than I can drink in a year and more in an unopened box they’ve shipped against my request.
I tried to leave feedback using the link on the email but it lead to a link that said “the ticket had already been closed” I feel like I’ve been getting the runaround. I love Huel to drink but the customer service is NOT HELPFUL AT ALL or responsive and after spending HUNDREDS on their product they won’t take back an automatic order unless I requested it to be cancelled with sufficient time prior to shipment and won’t provide a return label after multiple requests. NOT EVEN A NUMBER TO CALL…
By the way it’s request (92290)

Hey Grant. Looks like my coworker has sent you the label as an attachment. We sent it out originally as an email on your first request–this email may have landed in your junk/spam.