1.75 Bags of Vanilla Huel FOR SALE


I recently tried Huel and found that it’s just not for me. I have one full unopened bag, plus the opened bag of which I’ve consumed about 10 scoops (So there’s plenty left!).

Vanilla flavored.

I’ll throw in the shaker, scoop and t-shirt, too!


How much do you want?


Is this the regular Huel or the gluten-free?


Hi, it’s the regular vanilla Huel.


Darn. Pass for me. Thanks though


Are you looking to ship or just local?


Price?and where are you located?


I’m in NYC. $40. I can ship if you’re in the US.


Hi there, I’ve posted my bag of Huel to ebay for easy selling and lowered the price to $25. If you’d like to purchase, you can do so here:




Almost bought it but shipping makes it more than buying here.
Sorry :bowing_man:


I’m interested. Price & location?


Hey, I decided to put it on ebay to make the payment/shipping easier. Here’s the listing: